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“Let there be a voice for you, voice for freedom of speech, freedom of practice and freedom of living.”
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“If you wish to take part in our volunteering activities and wish to be a member of our great volunteering team, please get in touch with us,we very much waiting to welcome you in our team.”
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The let Voice Be Heard (LVBH) is a charitable organisation. Its activities are purely run from the generous donations of its members, supporters and donations from other governmental and non-governmental and charitable organizations. If you wish to get involved as donor to this great organisation, you can either donate through the link or write us to contact you and discuss the donation.
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“Fundraising can be great fun and many of our volunteers get involved with fundraising activities and raise fund to support our campaigns, events, and activities. If you wish to raise fund and support us, there are many numerous fundraising techniques that you can use.”
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The journey of the Let Voice Be Hard (LVBH) began in 2015 as a campaign platform in East London. Following several incidents of heinous attracts on LGBT campaigners and eminent blog writers in Bangladesh, people with the heart of empathy and compassion came together and stood up against the despicable act of killing of renowned blogger Avijit Roy and voiced their concerns and draw the attention of world mainstream medias. In the same year, several rallies, and marches were organised by LGBT students in London protesting the attracts on LGBT and other minority groups in Bangladesh and in South East Asian regions. The first formal meeting was held in June 2016 at the Whitechapel area of East London in attendance of many Bangladeshi LGBT refugees, students, and other supporters of freedom of speech. The need for a campaign platform to organise mass rallies, campaigns and activities were felt heavily by the attendees of the meeting and the name “Let Voice Be Heard” was proposed and accepted by the attendees as a campaign platform.