Our Impact:

  • Due to the pandemic of covid-19, many LGBT people were going through serious hardship in London. Let Voice Be Hard (LVBH) has supported over 100 LGBT people with supply of food, clothing, and other essentials.
  • Since 2017, over 200 LGBT people and other human right asylum seekers benefit from our campaigning and activities in the UK.
  • Since its initiation, LVBH has run over 100 campaigns and organized numerous activities in communities across the UK.
  • LVBH took part in every London Pride event since 2017, the largest LGBT awareness campaign in the UK.
  • LVBH helped to support numerous people from the refugee community with getting back into their educations. Have provided help for them with admissions into various universities and professional networking.
  • Offered regular Monthly covid-19 aid packages (essential food and grocery items) for 25 families living in destitute condition.
  • Our team took part in London Metropolitan police, ELOPE, Say it Loud, Peter Tatchel Foundation, Positive East, Swan Housing, Poplar Union awareness seminars for transgender and LGBT people.
  • We have worked with positive East to run awareness about HIV among our members.