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Call For Donation

The let Voice Be Heard (LVBH) is a charitable organisation. Its activities are purely run from the generous donations of its members, supporters and donations from other governmental and non-governmental and charitable organizations. If you wish to get involved as donor to this great organisation, you can either donate through the link or write us to contact you and discuss the donation.

If you have a human right concern and would like us to campaign for it and donate to spend on the particular human right campaign, we are more than happy to accept such donation as blocked donation and work in partnership with you to run the campaign and workout the spending of the donation for the specific cause. If you are an organisation and wish to donate us funds, you can do so through the donation link or contacting us to make donation arrangements.

We also accept donation of food items and articles from organisation and individuals to distribute among the members/people living with hardship. If you need help to organise food and article collections for us, please contact us and we would organize volunteers to help you out.



Fundraising can be great fun and many of our volunteers get involved with fundraising activities and raise fund to support our campaigns, events, and activities. If you wish to raise fund and support us, there are many numerous fundraising techniques that you can use. Some of our fundraisers follow the following schemes:

  • Calls to friends and family members

Once or twice in a year, our volunteers call to family members, and friends to talk about our good works and activities and collect volumetry donation form them for us. You can do the same and support us with your donation from friends and family members.

  • Family events

Many of our volunteers attend family birthday parties and offer a small talk on behalf of our organisation and introduce our activities and collect donation from the events. You can introduce our organisation in your family events and raise funds form the events and support us.

  • Facebook fundraising

Do you have a Facebook account? Is your birthday coming up? Instead of getting presents this year, why not ask for donations to CAFOD? You can fundraise for loads of different things through Facebook and its simple and easy to set up.

  • Indoor fundraising

There are loads of things you can do around the house! Look around – what could you do to raise money for CAFOD with the things that are right in front of you?What about having a charity clear-out? What about a sponsored reading challenge? Have a think and get creative!

  • Marathon or Half Marathon

Maybe your New Year's Resolution was to run a Marathon (or a half!), or maybe you do this sort of thing all the time. Either way, we would love you to run for the LVBH and help us raise fund. We can help you out in organising and run for the Marathon.

  • New Year Clear Out!

If you are contemplating a new year clear out to make space for new presents as well as having a tidy up. But what to do with those things you need to get rid off? How about auctioning them on eBay or some other online site and donating the money to LVBH. It is a great way to declutter as well as helping those in need.

  • Raffles

Everyone loves a raffle! Get friends and family or local businesses to donate prizes, and then invite people to take part in an online/family event raffle. Remember to give people their prizes when you can and look out for our LVBH Raffle!

  • Sponsored walk/weight loss challenge

Challenge yourself to walk a certain amount of miles/loss of certain amount of weight and get sponsored for it from friends and family members and do note the fund for LVBH. If you need help and guidance to weight loss and walk challenge, we can help you.

  • Talent contest

Hold a contest to showcase the talents of your family! Video it and share online, set up a JustGiving page, inviting donations to LVBH. If you are feeling very adventurous, you could livestream your talents or present them on a Zoom call.

Student union fundraising

If you are a university student, you can ask your student union to organise a fundraising event in Raise and Give Weeks and donate that fund toLVBR. If you need support from us to organise an event at your university, please contact us and we can help you out with organising the event.