What We Do

We are a campaign organisation based in the UK. We support people from minority backgrounds, especially the LGBT population from southeast Asian countries (predominantly from Bangladesh) who needs help to protect their human rights in their country of origins, country of their asylum and refuge, in local communities, and in workplaces. We run campaigns to create awareness about LGBT rights and other human rights issues such as extra judicial killings, abductions, and governmental injunction on freedom of speech, organize activities and events to support people fight for their human rights and help them in their struggle to create a society where no one would be deprived of their fundamental rights.

We work in partnership with many other campaign groups, organizations, government and non-government agencies to run campaigns, workshops that can support asylum seekers and refugees to further improve their key personal skills in leadership and other roles and to create an equal society where everyone is treated fairly with full freedom of expression, freedom of practice and equal access to their rights and benefits.